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Status: ( Available ) Name: Land for Sale/Rent Type: Eco-hospitality grounds

Sale: 800,000$

Rent:30,000 $, a year payments 5 year up front

Price/sqm: 10$ Owner:

Tavanh Phommachit



Floors:   Beds:   Baths:  
Area: 80,000 m2 Land Size:   Parking Space:  
Style:   Decoration:   Neighborhood: Rural
Year Built:   Contact: 020-2322 2296 Location: Hinboun


1. Interior Features:

2. Property Features:

3. Property Address:

Laoluang village, Hinboun distrcit, Khammouan province, Laos.

4. Property Introduction:

Virtually unexplored; the Hinboun triangle features a unique trail of tourist attractions. From the Biodiversity Phou Hin Boun protected wildlife areas to the Long Cor Cave’s Accessible trough the Vieng Kham crossing to  Konglor- Sala Lodges the Hinboun trail offers Wildlife (Asian elephant , Gaur Tiger,Serow and 43 species of bat, Sooty babbler and Limestone leaf warbier) Rafting, Tubing ,Trekking and Kayaking to the caves.


Semi ever green, mixed deciduous, bamboo  and dipterocarp forest covering, predominately lime stone Karst ranges with steep slopes , cliffs, bluffs and caves to 1.500 m. Flat bottomed encloses valleys ranging from a few hundred hectares to 40 sq km. Many of the rivers flow through underground caves ,with the largest between Konglor and Natan village on the Nam Hinboun and is navigable by boat Central in Khammouan Province; The listing of Phou Hin Nam Nor ( STONE PILLAR MOUNTAIN) as new Unesco World Heritage Site is administered.

Eco tourism is in the first phase of exploring with main stakeholders:

- Green Discovery Thakhek town. HQ

Kayaking Tours .

- Steve van Beek Adventures  USA

Kayaking Tours

- Sala Konglor Lodge  www.salalao.com

Cave and Cruise.Eco –Tourism Laos state run public relation bureau and website offers solid and accurate information. www.ecotourismlaos.com


Highway 13 to and from Viengkham town with Laoluang estate centered is the “best” part of the Vientane designated highway between Thakhek and Vientiane.

Laoluang vision:

Location of acquired land is unique , solitaire and natural environment preserved. The area could trigger a complete new wave of eco-tourism establishments and venues. The 2011 -11-11 newly opened Friendship Bridge between Nakhon Phanom (Thailand) and Thakhek (Laos) has accelerated  Asean visitors and business related visitors to Laos and nearby SEZ business opportunities.

As 85 % of the SEZ area in Thakhek is endorsed ; prospect guests for MICE related resort construction enhanced “ high” expectations towards visitor data. As reported in the Vientianetimes 22-03-2013 the SEZ has a totall of 480 million US$ investment MOU in the pipeline.

Hospitality and Longstay as well as sport facilities are proposed to construct by international Investment Companies. With the upcoming AEC Blueprint in force in 12-2015 however, Thailand is expected to be the hub for regional visitors near the Friendship bridges. Expected visitors/tourist/guests for the Hinboun trail have a number of options to travel to the Laoluang estate and Nam hinboun Bridge area, within an hour from the Friendship bridge 3. Nakhon Phanom Airport Thailand has flights to and from Bangkok on a regular base. Road construction in surrounding Thai provinces are upgraded “as we speak” and travel tour agents can choose various options to connect to the Hinboun Triangle. Cross border tourism with neighboring Vietnam is expected to rise on visa compliance commitment between Laos and Vietnam, were by visitors entering Laos are eligible to enter Vietnam without a prior obtained Vietnam Visa.(July 2012) I strongly believe that preserving Hinboun district’s  Culture and Heritage is a priority in development. Hospitality is rooted in Hinboun’s inhabitants genes and local communities are’ well prepared ‘to engage in tourism and service  related activities in their villages.

5. Residential Introduction:

6. Surrounding Facilities:

7. Advantages:

It Located on the direct connected to road 13. 4 km from Nam Hinboun river bridge, 40 km from SEZ Thakhek and Friendship Bridge Laos-Thailand!

8. Others:

The Nam Hinboun area is "under construction" right now. Expectation is soaring exploitation in 3 years time. Land prices will soar accordingly. The highway 13 Thakhek - Viengkham to Vientiane is absolutely the best part of the complete route, good road, very well maintained.

- Note:

(1) Whole sale considered priority (urgent)

(2) Lease 20 years with 4... 5 year payments.

Very well maintained estate!

Land ownership deeds available.


Investment Analysis


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Contact Information


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